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Our robot development, step by step:

Our team of professional designs and builds our robots.

Our design team is involved from the ideation phase, down to the prototyping and optimization of every robot.

The idea 

Once we identified the supermarkets’ needs, we had to design automated solutions to help them improve their efficiency and their employees’ work.

We have developed ideas that allow us to offer a complete solution, based on autonomous robots, each with its defined functions. 

At Super Robotics, we put our customers and users at the center of our solution.

Elements we incorporate

in our robots

Once the robot and its functionalities have been established, we determine the elements it must include:

  • Sensors (2D, 3D, ultrasonic cameras, lidars ...)

  • Computing units

  • Robotics base

  • Means of interaction with the user

  • And more

Robot simulation

To test and show the project before it is finished, we simulate the robot with GAZEBO: a 3D robotics simulator, where we are able to recreate the robot and its environment. 

For both the simulated and the real version we use ROS (Robots Operating System).

In the simulator, we check the functionalities that it we later incorporate in real life: stability, appearance, possible collisions, gravity, inertia, etc.

Structure design and

elements integration

As we advance in the simulation, we proceed with structure design in accordance with simulation results.

- Internal structure: Including all the necessary elements for the robot to function.

- External structure: This is the casing, which performs two functions: 

  1. Gives a modern and futuristic look (but without being exuberant), and. . .

  2. Protects the robot from possible accidents.

Research and programming

of the robot

With all requirements and functionalities in place, we now decide how to develop the robot. 

We seek partnerships with external companies in order to improve and speed up the development process. 

For example, a product recognition software or a cooperative artificial intelligence company for robots to collaborate and work with each other. 

The goal is to incorporate already developed technology into our project, so we can optimize the robot's functionalities.

Process of continuous improvement of robots

In Super Robotics we don’t just sell our service.

We aim to improve the supermarket’s customer experience.

We establish channels of communication with our client’s customers to get feedback on possible improvements. The team is constantly working on including these optimizations in the next robot update.

Our Projects

Our ultimate goal is to develop a comprehensive automation system for the entire supermarket. In total, we have 5 robots that supply many of the functions previously performed by workers.



BoB is an autonomous auditor robot. 

It moves around the supermarket and audits the shelves continuously. It has several cameras that allow it to scan the products on the shelves and collect necessary details of available products and their location, as well as missing products. 

With this data the supermarket is able to know in real-time the shelves situation and which products are missing. 

In addition to that, Bob sends the data continuously to the restocker robot that will bring missing products and restock them on the shelves. 

Bob audits the shelves 5 times faster than a human being with 95% accuracy, compared to 65% currently achieved by employees.

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