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Our Team


Alex Yoshua


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Vision, Creative, Efficient,

Problem Solving. 

Deep Tech Entrepreneur. Expert team builder.

Oversees the general strategy and direction of the company. 


He manages a team efficiently and solves problems creatively.


He'll push forward in the darkest of times with all his strength, even knowing that applause will never happen.

Sometimes surrendering is not an option. This is one of those times



Shahaf Shabtay

Executive-Operations Controller

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Cooperative, Methodical, Resourceful

Fascinated by the human mind. Good communication and daily development are her goals.

She will always be happy to listen and advise you -she is a psychology student after all.

Believes in change to make the world a more pleasant & efficient place for humanity.

The sentence that leads her in life is "always look on the bright side!"

foto diego campos.jpg

Diego Campos

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Research and Operations

    Witty, Patient and



Philosopher of Intelligent Robotics.

Intelligence and Operations management. 

Passionate about human rationality and AI.


Diego firmly believes in the necessary humanistic approach concerning robotics: for it is not only an ethical or technical issue but also a matter of the human condition.

Besides, if there is no philosopher, who will take care of the existential crisis of our robots?

Daniel Cheryshev.jpg

Daniel Cheryshev

Business Operations

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Responsible, sociable and decisive

Last year student of dual degree of international relations and business administration.

Interested in both fields, pursuing transformational change at social and corporate levels.

I will be in the operations department with a vision of internationalization and project development.

foto Javier Prados 2_edited.jpg

IT Architect

Javier Prados

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Teamwork, Problem-solving, and Time management

Javier holds a degree in Computer Science from Wales University.


He is a Certified IT Architect and has extensive experience in international software development projects. 

Hamza Javaid.jpg

Hamza Jadavid

Computer Vision

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Hamza has experience in developing Neural Networks for Computer Vision and Speech Processing systems.


His research interests include Geometric Deep Learning, Optimal Control for Robotics and Multidimensional Signal Processing.
I received a B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering.


Andrés Cruz

Industrial Designer 

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 Curious, Outgoing and Passionate

He is an industrial design student at the Universidad Europea de Madrid. 


His passion for design and connection led him to approach disruptively different types of projects.

After living in different countries, he wants to design to connect and improve user experiences.

Aurora Serrano Martínez.jpeg

Aurora Serrano

Finance and Accounting

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Detail-Oriented and Diligent

She is a jurist and fiscal assessor.

Aurora helps the company with accounting and financial projections.



Financial Advisor 

Aron Maus

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Strategic thinking, Numerical analysis

Aron brings his global culture with him, helping to create great strategies. 

Coming from a classic British boarding school, he brings elegance to the robotics world.


Aron collaborates with Super Robotics on:

  • Funding advisory

  • Funding opportunities


Javier Cid

Funding Advisor

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Opportunity hunter

Funding specialist. Extensive experience in structuring deep tech projects.

felipe calderero.png

Felipe Calderero

Data Science & Computer Vision Advisor 

FOTO Juan Carlos_edited.png

Carlos Montes

Robotics Engineering and AI Advisor

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AI-driven strategy and innovation leadership

Felipe is an expert in building Data Science and Machine Learning solutions for a wide variety of sectors and areas.

He has strong experience building, scaling, and engaging large data teams.

Aerospace Engineer and Master Business Administration

- CTO Wetechfood Robotics

- Professor Disruptive Technologies IE

   (Instituto de Empresa)

- R&D+i Innovation Director in robotics companies.

- Advisor & Mentor robotics companies

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