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A bit of our story

How we started

Super Robotics was born in 2016 with the idea of bringing efficiency to the retail sector. Since then we have opted for a high-level R&D process betting on collaborative innovation throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

We do part of the R&D development in Israel and part in Spain, where in addition, Super Robotics has alliances with several Universities.

Due to the fact that we have opted for an open-technology generation process for years, today our Startup has a wide and close collaboration with Deep Tech companies throughout the world. Companies in the sectors of AI, Big Data, Advanced Software, among others.

We are proud to inform you that Super Robotics has recently won the CDTI Neotec 2020-2022 program, ranking 8th nationally among the 300 most advanced proposals in Spain at a technological level. Therefore, we can start in 2020 the development of our commercial version prototype for the Retail sector.



We build, integrate and manage Deep Tech to ensure Grocery stores can position themselves at the edge of the efficiency game.


We build Robots that:

- Audit Shelves

- Attend to the needs of the consumer (like guiding him thru the store)

- Analyze the state of the composition of fruits and vegetables.

Our project is currently in the R&D phase.

A new update on the Robot development will be posted in May 2020.

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